You've done it! The removal van's gone, you've unpacked the kettle and you've made the exciting step to being a homeowner. You'll also want to protect your investment and all those new purchases. For this you will need to buy home insurance to cover you against all eventualities.

Things to know when buying your first home

If you are buying your home with a mortgage, your lender will want you to have building insurance. This covers the fabric of the property plus fixtures including your bathroom suite. You do not have to buy cover from your mortgage lender, though.

Contents insurance covers the cost of replacing or repairing items if they are damaged, destroyed or stolen. Think of your contents as everything you'd put in a removal van if you were to move house. 

How to get the best out of your home insurance

  • Shop around to get the best policy.

  • Combining buildings and contents insurance can work out cheaper.

  • You should review your contents cover when you buy expensive items.

  • Consider joining a Neighbourhood Watch scheme and fitting a house alarm to protect your property and lower premiums.

  • Don't be loyal to your insurer. When it comes to renewal, shop around again.