After all those lessons and emergency stops, you've gone and passed your driving test! Time to rip up those L-plates and choose your car. Whether it be brand new or a second-hand car, you'll want to protect yourself and your wheels against mishaps on the open road. To do this, you need to buy motor insurance.

Things to know when buying your first car

  • You must have motor insurance to drive in the UK. Third-party insurance is the legal minimum - and the cheapest cover.
  • When choosing a car, check its insurance group before you buy as its price, performance and add-ons such as alloy wheels and spoilers will affect how much you pay.

How to get the best out of your car insurance

  • Do not take the first quote you are offered. Shop around.
  • Opt for a bigger voluntary excess to reduce insurance costs - but make sure you can afford it if you have to claim.
  • Avoid paying by installments which can bump up the price of cover.
  • Consider taking extra training such as Pass Plus to cut premiums.
  • Consider adding a more experienced driver to your policy to reduce cover costs.