Nothing can be more liberating and fun than heading off to far-flung places and discovering new cultures, countries and people. Whether a young backpacker or older traveller, there's so much to explore. It's also essential you buy travel insurance to cover any unforeseen mishaps or events while you're away.

Things to know when travelling abroad

  • If you’re heading off on a gap year or a sabbatical from work, it’s important to choose a policy that covers all the destinations you want to visit, the length of time you wish to be away, as well as all the activities you want to undertake.
  • Insurance premiums can spiral at the age of 65 - and some companies increase the premiums at 50, particularly with annual policies. Fortunately, a number of specialist insurance companies offer cover for older travellers.

How to get the best out of your travel insurance

  • Buy your policy as soon as you book your break.

  • Take the travel policy paperwork and your insurer's helpline number with you on holiday.

  • Certain countries are considered off the map when it comes to insurance companies.

  • In case of emergency, leave a photocopy of the policy with your family or friends.

  • If something happens, call your insurer. Keep all documentation and get advice before paying for anything.