Owning a pet can be a hugely rewarding experience. Whether it's a pedigree pup or rescued mixed-breed, it will no doubt become a much-loved member of the family. But with pet ownership comes great responsibility - and financial drains on your wallet. The biggest expense is likely to be paying for your animal's veterinary treatment. So it's essential you consider taking out pet insurance to help towards costs.

Things to know when buying pet insurance

  • The average vet bill is now over £300 while ongoing conditions could set you back a staggering £10,000. Buying pet insurance will help out with these bills.
  • Cover can also help out with incidents such as an excitable dog knocking over an elderly woman. A recent claim where the lady broke her wrist and hip reached a staggering £40,000.

How to get the best out of your pet insurance

  • Insure pets from an early age.

  • Check restrictions on cover or payout.

  • Know that routine procedures including annual injections and neutering aren't usually covered.

  • Choose a policy with relevant discounts - for more than one pet, for example.

  •  If you're planning on taking your pet overseas, you should check if your policy covers vets fees abroad.