There is no NHS for pets so it's a good idea to take out pet insurance to help pay towards - or cover - your animal's vet's bills. Pet insurance won't cover all treatment, so it's essential you find the right policy. It also covers against the damage your pet might do to another person or their belongings.

Quick guide to pet insurance

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How much do you know about pet insurance?

  • Your pet goes missing and you take out an advert in the local newspaper asking anyone who finds them to let you know. Does your pet insurance cover this?

  • You buy a puppy that is fit and healthy and decide to wait until your pet is a bit older before buying pet insurance to save money. Is this a good idea?

  • You are just about to go away on holiday when your pet is hit by a car and needs surgery. Will your pet insurance cover this?

  • Your dog accidentally runs into a pedestrian and knocks them over. Will my pet insurance cover me if a claim is made against me?

  • Your dog accidentally knocks over your neighbour’s fence and damages it beyond repair. Does your pet insurance provide cover if your neighbour makes a claim against you?

What you need to know about pet Insurance:

  1. What does pet insurance cover?
  2. Are there restrictions on pet insurance?
  3. How much can I claim?