Top Tips for Pet-Owners Over The Guy Fawkes Weekend

04 November 2015

Thursday 5 November will mark the start of the Guy Fawkes celebrations with many of the big displays taking place over the weekend. While fireworks are fun for humans to watch, they can be very frightening for cats and dogs at home who may become very distressed as a result.

Here are Ciindy’s top tips to soothe your pet and help keep them calm this weekend:

  1. Make sure you walk your dog during daylight hours when fireworks are less likely to be set off. Try to give them a longer walk if you can to help them relax in the evening.
  2. Once it gets dark, keep cats and dogs inside and keep all windows, curtains and doors securely closed.
  3. Put some music on or turn the TV on to drown out the noise from the fireworks.
  4. Give indoor pets a den or somewhere in the house where they can feel safe. Give outdoor pets extra bedding so that they can burrow.
  5. Stay with your pets as much as you can and avoid leaving them alone. They will feel less anxious and more settled when you are with them.
  6. If your pet is showing signs of distress, try to stay calm. If you respond to their anxiety, you will reinforce it and make them feel worse.
  7. Praise your dog when it is calm to reinforce the good behaviour. If they show signs of anxiety, try to distract them with a game. Do not punish your pet as this will only make them feel worse.
  8. Make sure your cat has a clean litter tray if it can’t get out into the garden.
  9. Make sure your cat or dog is wearing some form of identification. If they are anxious and manage to escape, this will make it much easier for any rescuers to reunite you.
  10. If your pet is generally nervous and you are worried that them over the weekend, talk to your vet as they can prescribe medication to help keep your pet calm.

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David Ross, director of communications at the CII said: “As Guy Fawkes night falls on a Thursday this year, we are in for four days of fireworks as people celebrate on different nights over the weekend. While this is great news for pyrotechnics, it can be very distressing for our pets. By taking a few small steps you can help alleviate their anxiety and keep them calm so the whole family can enjoy the weekend.”

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