Are my personal possessions covered by my travel insurance?


Some travel insurance policies include cover for loss of or damage to your baggage, personal effects and money. This includes items you have purchased whilst on holiday or sent in advance. Some insurers also provide cover for your credit cards and passports. An overall limit will apply to the cover provided, in addition to limits on individual items and valuables. Some personal effects are considered to be particularly high risk, such as contact lenses and medical and dental fittings - and are specifically excluded.

However, remember that your home contents insurance may also cover your possessions, valuables and money while you are abroad. You should check your home policy wording before arranging travel insurance. Some insurers don't include cover for baggage and personal effects in their travel policy, to avoid duplication of cover and will discount the premium accordingly. The personal possessions sums insured under a standard travel policy will probably be adequate if you are going on a typical package type holiday for seven to fourteen days. However, they may not be sufficient if you are going away for an extended period - for example, on a round the world cruise. Tailor-made policies are available if you have more specialist needs.