Can I buy travel insurance if I have a medical condition?


When you take out travel insurance, insurers will ask about the medical history of everyone who will be insured by the policy - including whether they are waiting for an operation or hospital treatment and whether they have received treatment for certain illnesses in the last 12 months. You must answer these questions truthfully or it could invalidate your cover. If your answers highlight any concern some insurers will not provide cover. Other insurers will ask you to ring a confidential medical helpline, where an underwriter will take further details of any medical conditions, and will advise whether they can provide cover. Often special terms will apply, such as an increased excess, an additional premium, or the exclusion of certain conditions.

There are, however, insurers who specialise in providing cover for those with serious medical conditions - such as heart disease or cancer. You will need to answer more in-depth questioning to see what cover can be offered. You won't get cover if you have been advised against travelling, are within the last two months of pregnancy, or are travelling to obtain medical treatment abroad.