Can I claim for a stolen bike on my home insurance?


Mmm, that's a tricky one... the only way to be sure is to check with your insurer, as different insurers approach bike insurance in different ways. If you have home contents insurance, this may include cover for your bike - but only whilst it is at home and subject to a monetary limit. To have cover for your bike when you are out riding it, you will need to pay an additional premium to include 'personal possessions away from home' cover - or, with some insurers, to add a specific bike section to your policy. Even then check that the policy limits are adequate for the value of your bike, whether tyres and any accessories, such as lights and pumps, are included in the cover and whether you need to specify your bike separately for it to be covered under the personal possessions section of your policy. Watch out for any security requirements - such as securing your bike when unattended and storing your bike in a locked building - if you do not comply with these this may invalidate your cover. It is also possible to buy a stand alone bike policy, it may be worth weighing up whether this is a better option - particularly if you use your bike for racing and competitions, as this is often excluded from the cover under a home insurance policy.